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List of Components and Features Removed from Windows LiTE8 Versions

Prime Features:

Windows Defender [ Better use another AV ]

Family Safety [ Parental Controls ]

Printers Drivers [Only the Bigs ones, default Printers left in ISO]

Windows Backup

Windows Media Center

System Restore

Tablet PC Components [ Windows 7 Only ]

Offline Files [Sync/Backup files]

DVD Maker



OCR [ Only in Windows 7 - Use for writting with a pen ]

Recovery Mode [ Bulid into Windows installation or use easybcd to add it back ]

Metro Apps / Modern Apps [ but not Store ]

InputMethod / IME [ On Non-Global versions ]

Mostly unused Features or Components

Australia Local Pack

BitLocker Drive Encryption

Canada Local Pack

Clips In The Library

Core Client Help



Great Britain Local Pack

Hyper-V Network VSC Driver

IIS Addons 1

IIS Addons 2

Internet Explorer Troubleshooters

Japanese  [ On Non-Global versions ]

Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Server

Microsoft Storage Service

Microsoft XPS Document Writer

Music and Video Examples

New Zealand Local Pack

Remote Assistance

Share Media Control Panel

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)


Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications

Telnet Server

TV Tuner Drivers

United States Local Pack

Virtual XP Licensing Policies

VirtualPC (USB)

VirtualPC Licensing Policies

Windows Media Player DVD Registration

Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

Windows Media Player Troubleshooters

Windows Recovery Disc

Windows TIFF IFilter

Windows User Assistance

XPS Viewer


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How To

201608 | 26/08/2016

Please make tutorial on how to make Micro Clean LiteOS

Re: How To

LiteOS | 29/09/2016

look for
MGSG toolkit


SaMoo7 | 03/08/2015

It's Good if u categorize them by avalaible downloads

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