Windows Standard 7 SP1 XPedition - LiTE8

09/03/2014 00:42

Windows Standard 7 SP1 XPedition - LiTE8

32bit/x86 OS meant to replace Windows XP

Fully Updateable, Based on esd, Slowness with Vmware Fixed


dotNet 2.0 upgradable to 4.5


Windows Media Player


ISO: 600mb

HDD: 2.2 GB



Notice: no browser , just add the browser u like to iso with ultraISO

[next version will have updates and IE11 but this version's target for very-low-end so i keep it minimal]

Activation: RemoveWAT works ,Chew7 should too

took me a while to make it and test

hope u guys will like it :)

more info soon

Topic: Windows Standard 7 SP1 XPedition - LiTE8

link is dead

jim | 01/05/2015

please reupload to mega

Great edition! Can you update this ?

subkutan | 31/12/2014

This is a really nice edition for my older netbook! Well done. The only thing i don't like is that it is already 9 months old, so I had to install a lot of Microsoft updates.
Therefore I would like to kindly ask if you can update this edition because it should be the standard to re-instal on low-end devices nowadays.

Keep up the very good work!


Carlos M. | 13/04/2014

Thanks for this, will there be an x64 version?

Re: x64

lite8 | 16/04/2014

i can but why use so minimal os on powerful cpu that can run 64bit os

Re: Re: x64

Carlos M. | 10/05/2014

1. To get absolutely maximum speed :) 2. my desktop PC's disk is rather small (80 GB), so I'd like to minimize the space used by Windows to store more data.

I tested this in VirtualBox and it uses very little space. So if you could do an x64 version that'd be great!

What Is This?

BennyBoy | 24/03/2014

I have heard of Lite8 before, I think, but can you explain briefly what this win 7 lite8 is? Is it linux? I'm familiar enough with general OS stuff, so it shouldn't need to be complex to get me an idea. Thanks!

Re: What Is This?

BennyBoy | 24/03/2014

Btw, I'm asking bc my dad's XP got an error in the OS so that the processor is sapped dry instantly when you turn the computer on, so I'm keeping my eye out for alternatives for his use.

Re: Re: What Is This?

lite8 | 24/03/2014

might be the power supplier
i think its hardware problem

Re: What Is This?

lite8 | 24/03/2014

its OS that can be build from almost nothing to fit to target PC
like automated teller machine (ATM) or service pc for printing etc..

the point here u can make the os very very minimal to ur needs
basically replace windows xp

need service pc with just explorer or office to just print
u can do it with small footprint[memory and hdd space also low iops]

so i use this capability to make os that will fit to old pc

Full windows 7 come with lots of services running around mostly not needed for big range of windows xp users
like windows defender
its consume memory and make io to hdd make the pc overall less resposive

for high end with ssd it wont effect the pc by much

but low end with old hdd that have 10-20mb raw write speed or and very low small file speeds will make much effect

so to conclude this small windows size, less files the os will "play" with
also less services running
and earn this improvement of benefit to user

Re: Re: What Is This?

BennyBoy | 25/03/2014

Thanks for the quick reply! That all makes sense now. My (probably) final questions are now as such:

Being an authentic, modular version of Windows, do you have to purchase it? I saw something about activation (maybe those are diff cracking programs...?), so maybe you don't need to go through M$ at all?


Which of the files would one download? I saw three files that were all about 200MB and one that was far smaller, but they all (or at least three of them) had the same date, just diff times. Once I ostensibly download the file(s), will those "activation" references turn it into a format appropriate for installing via USB/DVD-R?

P.S. The fan problem is not hardware-related. With some troubleshooting I did a few months back, I started a thread on Tomshardware that you can read through for a bigger description, but it's most certainly a software issue. Maybe corrupted OS, I don't know. It may be fixed with a few things I sent my brother. Here's a link to the forum post:

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