Windows.7.Ultimate.N.x64-LiteOS - 2016

16/06/2016 22:20

Windows.7.Ultimate.N.x64-LiteOS - 2016


updates 17.5.2016

This version doesnt include Windows Media Player / Internet Explorer

Installing IE11 might be possiable via microsoft website





Topic: Windows.7.Ultimate.N.x64-LiteOS - 2016


Bhaka | 03/04/2017

im asus A42F user and i cant installed driver from official driver ....and it say not compatible


YAHIA | 12/08/2016

windows update work in this version !!

Activation issue

Murphy Zack | 16/07/2016

Hi again ^^

So after install this i decided to activate it using Windows Loader but it say unsupport operating system.
I try KMSpico but also same, no luck

Any idea or solution for this problem.

Cheers ^^

Re: Activation issue

LiteOS | 16/07/2016

Try chew7

Re: Re: Activation issue

Murphy Zack | 18/07/2016

Thax it work :D ^^

Keep up ur work and i will support you ^^

Request Windows

SaMoo7 | 08/07/2016

Hi LiTE8 :), Happy With Your Releases but waiting for windows 10, Windows 7, latest and lite with all Currently available updates

Appreciate your Efforts ;)

Thanks for these LiTeD Versions

(before Every release check it on VM and Actual Hardware)

Re: Request Windows

SaMoo7 | 08/07/2016

x64 Versions Preferred

Windows Vista ??

Murphy Zack | 20/06/2016

I really like to see Windows Vista LiTE x64 :D
Can you made it ?


Service Pack 1

Murphy Zack | 21/06/2016

and also this version does not include SP1?

Re: Service Pack 1

LiteOS | 21/06/2016

Yes include d

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