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09/04/2015 14:47


Windows's footprint start at 13giga for full windows 64bit installation and get up to 30 giga

installing more Microsoft apps like Office, Visual studio might get it even higher

SSD are not big enough to neglect this amount of space

so i came with idea that was on "table" for long time

but the implementation was not perfect

but now after testing and researching

we lite's team pass that barrier :)

User with small SSD mostly would have HDD to get more space

with this tool we gonna use it and not loss performance

wait gonna release it soon :)

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update | 14/08/2016

any news on this? when will it be available?

any news?

fluffy | 09/05/2015

Just curious how its going, because it was a month ago when this idea comes up :)

Re: any news?

lite8 | 11/05/2015


there a problem i have to make windows and winsxs on ssd
i could make it more then i said
around 5-7 giga on the ssd
and the rest will be on the HDD

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