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Hyper -v available





Topic: Microsoft.Windows.Workstation.2016.Beta3-LiTE8

how functional

messiah | 13/01/2016

can this function like regular windows too ?

i recall using server 2008 or something liek that...

it seems to function liek regular windows

Re: how functional

lite8 | 13/01/2016

if u are power user u can make it by learning via guides
also apply final fix v2 on this


marko | 16/11/2015

this version will expire on 15 july 2016? or will never expire?

Re: license

lite8 | 17/11/2015

duno the date but its beta so there timebomb yes

No Comments Till The Time

SaMoo7 | 03/10/2015

No Comments Till The Time But Don't Worry All L♥ve Your Work Me Too ;) My Friend So Please Please Keep It Up ; Your Work And Efforts Are Awesome As Always :)

Re: No Comments Till The Time

lite8 | 04/10/2015

who using server as workstation i guess he know way around this os :)
thats why there no Comments

Re: Re: No Comments Till The Time

It's Me | 04/10/2015

I Use Server As Workstation By Doing Few Modifications :)

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