Microsoft Windows Workstation 2014 - LiTE8 Fixed

15/08/2014 08:08

Windows WorkStation 2014 - LiTE8
Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 with August Update - Workstation editon

Size:1.66GB ISO / 7GB HDD


to fix run at console

md c:\Windows\Installer


Windows 8.1 is quiet stuffed with things we dont like or use
Microsoft made server the perfect lightweight OS
to make it the fastest for server station, so i just converted it to workstation
and lite it with manually removing

Everybody but tablet users

Installed Features and Updates
Windows Update - security updates + August update
Enabled Windows Audio

Disabled IE Enhanced Security Configuration
Disabled Complex Password
Disabled Password Expiration
Disabled CTRL+ALT+DEL at Start up
Disabled Shutdown Event Tracker
Disabled Server Manger Startup
Set Performance to Programs

Pre-Installed Apps
Flash player - IE
X-Mouse Button Control [ check pics to more info ]

Portable-Apps [ locate at C:\Home ]
AIDA64 Extreme [retrive full info about pc]
BSPlayer [ player with automaticlly download subtitles ]
Winamp [check pics]
Whereisit [ search ur whole pc for file just in few secs/run ww to lanuch ]
VideoLAN [ vlc 2.1.5 ]
Hosts [ cut down ads from IE and firefox ]

Available Features [check pics to exmples]
Wireless Networking
Media Foundion

Notice: im trying make desktop experiance works without ink handwritng but for now its cant be enabled cos i delete ink handwriting 

Use legit key or download kmspico

Topic: Microsoft Windows Workstation 2014 - LiTE8


Zealot | 22/11/2014


Go~ Go~ Go~

Zealot | 06/11/2014

Go~ Go~ Go~

Re: Go~ Go~ Go~

lite8 | 10/11/2014

why u dont use server 10 beta ?

Re: Re: Go~ Go~ Go~

Zealot | 11/11/2014

Because it's beta version, maybe not stable for gaming, LOL

how is new version of 2012 R2, still waiting for it


Re: Re: Re: Go~ Go~ Go~

lite8 | 11/11/2014

played the new cod with it its working good :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Go~ Go~ Go~

Zealot | 13/11/2014

Take your time, I still waiting

please release new lite windows 2012 r2

Zealot | 25/10/2014

please remove pre-installed software
Thank you

Re: please release new lite windows 2012 r2

lite8 | 25/10/2014

I gonna make soon

But for now u can go to program and features
and unisntall them there 2 apps to remove

And just remove home directory at once

Now its like a clean OS

about desktop experince Im looking for way to enable it without enable the feature

Re: Re: please release new lite windows 2012 r2

Zealot | 26/10/2014

Great news~ May we know when the new brownie will be released ?

Re: Re: Re: please release new lite windows 2012 r2

lite8 | 27/10/2014

im thinking today i will start working on it

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