Microsoft Windows Standard 7 SP1 XPedition-LiTE8 - 2015

31/05/2015 19:21

Microsoft.Windows.Standard.7.SP1.XPedition-LiTE8 - 2015 [ no updates ]

like the version of 2014 but audio is working :)

670mb iso

2.2GB on hdd




Topic: Microsoft Windows Standard 7 SP1 XPedition-LiTE8 - 2015

software issues post install

jyj0nes | 12/12/2015

have noticed revo uninstaller cant delete leftover reg entries and files on this os
does something need enabling or changing?
this is a major tool for obsessive geeks :)
any suggestions?

New Version

Octo | 14/10/2015

This version seems to work with old computer. Can you please make same versions with 8.1 and 10. What does xpedition mean? Is it embedded that makes it work on old computers? I need OS versions with no pae.

Re: New Version

lite8 | 15/10/2015

will find a way but dont wait i might be bizi


jyj0nes | 21/09/2015

this seems to be only an evaluation os
keeps rebooting every 20mins even once activated

Re: problem

jyj0nes | 21/09/2015

its clearly brilliant work by lite8 but just shame about "evaluation copy" issue

Re: Re: problem

lite8 | 02/10/2015

Use remove wat

Re: Re: Re: problem

jyj0nes | 01/12/2015

yep ur right, perfect with removewat

Re: Re: Re: Re: problem

jyj0nes | 02/01/2016

after 30days this starts even with removewat


Sadjad | 22/06/2015

Is it possible to integrate (slipstream) updates to it?
If yes, how?

Re: Updates

lite8 | 22/06/2015


the easiest way is to install it, update and then sysprep it capture it to wim

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