Microsoft Windows Standard 7 SP1 x64 XPedition-LiTE8 - 2015

31/08/2015 14:20

Microsoft Windows Standard 7 SP1 x64 XPedition-LiTE8 - 2015 [no updates included]

Target: non-tablet / non-Global


Source: Standard 7 SP1 64bit IBW.ISO

Activation:  Activation Fix uploaded check download folder


1GB / 3.8GB







Topic: Microsoft Windows Standard 7 SP1 x64 XPedition-LiTE8 - 2015

can't activate

J | 15/05/2016

Can't be activated neither with removewat nor with anything as windows7loader or kms

The deployment method requires key when installed so can't use volume license keys.... I think it is a dead end.

Re: can't activate

Monoga | 22/05/2016

Try Chew7 v1.1. I'm not sure it is apermanent solution, s it says Failued at the end, but Windows reports itself as Activated.

Beware, the last version of Chew7 is v1.1, there is no such thing as v1.2 or "2014 edition".

CRC A2863B37
MD5 7B232997942B2A5C7E4DBE931BB4C67C
SHA-1 06C6D3B5B66585F03BAB25C774BAADB575CB1515

Activation failure

Monoga | 16/02/2016

This edition cannot be activated at all (tried Microsoft Toolkit, KMSpico, Windows Loader).

After 30 days grace period, system will randomly reset and you just lose whatever you are doing - work or game progress.

I would LOVE to use this minimal Windows, but it is not possible.

Lite8, I have no idea why you keep releasing this edition...

Re: Activation failure

LiteOS | 24/02/2016

pls try RemoveWAT

Re: Re: Activation failure

Monoga | 22/03/2016

I skipped Product key during installation as I don't have one.

RemoveWAT (2.2.6) gives an error error message:
This OS is not Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 / Windows Home Server 2010 or later, or is unpatchable due to modifications. Please perform a fresh installation of a supported operation system.

Intallation method?

Sky | 24/12/2015

Does it also available as "deploy wim" installation method?

Re: Intallation method?

lite8 | 24/12/2015

yea its should work

What is the difference with previous version

Sky | 24/12/2015

What is the difference with that - version?

Re: What is the difference with previous version

lite8 | 24/12/2015

audio is fixed in this version

thank you, sir

lovely | 06/09/2015

thank you for the upload

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