Microsoft Windows Server 10 Beta PerfectOS-LiTE8

29/10/2014 21:33

Windows Server 10 Beta PerfectOS-LiTE8

ISO / HDD: 1.1GB / 7.4GB


Windows 8.1 is quiet stuffed with things we dont like or use
Microsoft made server the perfect lightweight OS
to make it the fastest for server station, so i just converted it to workstation
and lite it

Lite Process
Lite8 v2.0

Everyone but tablet users

Windows Updates till 29.10.2014


Keylogger Paralyzed\Disabled
Disabled IE Enhanced Security Configuration
Disabled Complex Password
Disabled Password Expiration
Disabled CTRL+ALT+DEL at Start up
Disabled Shutdown Event Tracker
Disabled Server Manger Startup
Set Performance to Programs

Installed Apps & Pre-Configation
Classic Shell
X Mouse Control

Available Features
dotNet3.5 Enabled
Wireless Networking
Media Foundion
Installed Windows Audio and Enabled
Desktop Experiance

Topic: Microsoft Windows Server 10 Beta PerfectOS-LiTE8


lite8fan | 11/09/2015

Link Please, why not use torrent?

Re: Link

lite8 | 12/09/2015
Sry no seedbox

Great effort

Abaid | 02/11/2014

Really really fast. great effort.

Metro Settings not opening

Abaid | 31/10/2014

Metro settings not opening. cant even add Microsoft account

Re: Metro Settings not opening

lite8 | 31/10/2014

check facebook

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