23/08/2012 20:58

Release Name : Microsoft.Windows.8.RTM.x64.Desktop-LiTE
Full Release Name: Microsoft.Windows.8.RTM.x64.Desktop.Edition-LiTE
Market: TabTop [ tablet / desktop ]
download old start menu and place it on c:\ the start menu will appear
 for 64bit
for more info goto:

activation with dns [google dns server, after activation u can change it back to auto]
slmgr.vbs /skms
slmgr /ato - NOT WORKING wait for offline activation or another activation
if u use explorer7 u wont see any watermark

iso/footprint : 1.85gb / 7.7gb
removal config:
the same as before with tablet comp' removed too
aero enabled
framework 3.5 enabled
lang - u can install ur lang using this cmd
 dism /add-package /
links + password

omg aes256 is crazy encryption cant be recoverable :\
im sorry for that guys