Microsoft.Windows.8.13.x86-LiTE8 6.2015

05/06/2015 09:56

Microsoft.Windows.8.13.x86-LiTE8 6.2015


933MB iso

4.2GB hdd



Topic: Microsoft.Windows.8.13.x86-LiTE8 6.2015

x86 tablet

jhay | 17/05/2016

can i install this on my x86 tablet?

Can't download

Dr.K4j10 | 15/12/2015

Is this up to me, or links are down? Couldn't download anything (tried links under win 10, 7 and 8). Could you provide some feedback about this issue, thanks in advance.

no PAE

lite8fan | 10/09/2015

How do you install to old laptop? Intel Pentium M. I get no PAE message. Thank you.


Dennis | 05/06/2015

What is the default admin password? I can only create a normal account, need to log in to admin account. Please help

Re: Pass

lite8 | 05/06/2015

the password is 1
use the temp account to make user via metro

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