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1.14GB ISO Size / 6.5GB on Hdd


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Topic: Microsoft.Windows.8.13.x64-LiTE8-2015

High HDD usage

Elire | 14/06/2015


After 3 clean installs every time i try to update i get 100% disk usage for a very long time.
Updates take forever to download and install and there is always 5-8 updates that just wont install, like the net framework update and such.
2 procecces takes most of the usage:
1) Windows problem reporting
2) Windows modules installer

Any solution? or new version to expect?

Re: High HDD usage

Elire | 14/06/2015

*2) Windows modules installer worker

missing flash in internet explorer

boll | 18/02/2015

Everything working good here, in VM and real system, except for adobe flash in internet explorer, it's missing completely. and there are no files inside the macromed\flash folders. any solution for this? flash player update from windows update does not install.

Re: missing flash in internet explorer

lite8 | 19/02/2015

set compatibility mode to win7 then run the install


S3R | 14/02/2015

trying to install. it gives me a error in the last part, corrupted file. i tried several usb devices and optical medias. iso alone in VM works fine, but gives me the same err mesg sometimes.


S3R | 14/02/2015

are there any updates? solutions? pass thru?

Re: error_1

lite8 | 14/02/2015

use gimagex to deploy the install.wim to drive
and with
easybcd add this drive to bootmenu/bcd

Re: error more info

lite8 | 14/02/2015

Need add Microsoft Windows Defender

Elanthirayan | 12/02/2015

Sir Pls add Microsoft Windows Defender.That is the best Antivirus

Re: Need add Microsoft Windows Defender

lite8 | 13/02/2015

Nah far from the best

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