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Microsoft.Windows.8.1 with update 1.x86 32bit.Tablet Edition-LiTE8-2014.6.10

most of metros apps can download from windows store
i left Skype and few other metro apps [ useful and used by big part of users ]
those apps i think doesn't used much so better leave them out
and what u need just download
because i don't have tablet pc, pls pls feedback everything
lets perfect this edition together :)

ISO: 920MB

HDD: 4.6GB






Dotnet3.5 and updates

removed feature via WTK

BitLocker Drive Encryption
Check Point Vpn
Client Help for Professional Edition
Client Help for Professional WMC Edition
Hyper-V Network VSC Driver
Hyper-V VMBUS Driver
IIS Addons 1
IIS Addons 2
Internet Explorer Troubleshooters
Microsoft Storage Service
Microsoft XPS Document Writer
Offline Files
Parental Controls
Remote Assistance
Share Media Control Panel
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
System Restore
Telnet Server
Virtual XP Licensing Policies
VirtualPC (USB)
VirtualPC Licensing Policies
Windows Anytime Upgrade
Windows Anytime Upgrade Results
Windows Defender
Windows Defender
Windows Media Center
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Windows Media Player Troubleshooters
Windows TIFF IFilter
Windows User Assistance
WinSAT Media Files
Work Folders Client
XPS Viewer

Topic: Microsoft.Windows.8.11.x86.Tablet-LiTE8-2014.6

cant switch to mocrosoft account

jhay | 19/09/2017

always says check my network connection even if i already connected to internet

Re: cant switch to mocrosoft account

LiteOS | 19/09/2017

sry no idea
try make static ip
btw its very old, many security issues ....

Re: Re: cant switch to mocrosoft account

jhay | 19/09/2017

i prefer to use windows 8.1 for my tablet . windows 10 is not very tabley friendly .

thanks for the reply .

fastest version so far

frank | 04/06/2017

I tested near all w8 - w10 versions and this is fastest version for atom notebook (i don´t know why). Disable pagefile and hibernate and only 3.40Gb used. Tested with msi wind and dell mini 9.

ISO->USB don´t work with rufus and microsoft download usb tool, but with unetbootin OK.

will desktop ver ?

Basty | 19/08/2014

but 9 is coming ... any ideas ?

Re: will desktop ver ?

lite8 | 19/08/2014
its close enuf to desktop ver

if there new update i might refresh the windows but then win9 be out
and if its good enuf will replace win8

some APP do not work!

ylx | 09/08/2014

some APP do not work!
cnbeta APP...

Re: some APP do not work!

lite8 | 10/08/2014

which error u get?
where can i download to test?

Re: some APP do not work!

lite8 | 10/08/2014

did u tried to recover China fonts

Re: Re: some APP do not work!

ylx | 11/08/2014

run in a second,then quit。

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