04/06/2014 22:56

Full name
Microsoft Windows.8.1 with update 1  64bit Desktop Edition Baseline -LiTE8
Baseline = can be used as base for modding dont forget to give credit

notice: some of metro apps wont work like skype dl media center for all metro to work
till i find a fix or workaround
Fully updatability and stability : DotNet3.5,Lang,Updates

ISO - 1.5 GB
HDD - 6.4 GB
Windows Store [checked]
remove features:
Photo viewer[Metro]

if u want same of the metro apps search for Sideloading at MDL forum

Topic: Microsoft.Windows.8.11.x64.Desktop.Baseline-LiTE8

idk if bug

LigerZer0 | 18/10/2014

hello is this bug? i try to make hoc using cmd. then i finally make 1. after make it, i disable it and its gone from the Network Connections.
try to make new hoc again. and i cant make new one. pls help me


Smo | 28/09/2014

You could make it smaller by compressing it into an ESD format.

I crunched it down to about 1.05 GB doing that :D

Re: Modding

lite8 | 28/09/2014

hey smo
this version is too old
cos updates will not installed
pls wait for Win9 TH, more few days

i gonna refreash all the Windows

Re: Re: Modding

Smo | 29/09/2014

Sounds good also I was running into errors when attempting to install Office 2013 SP1 silently. Kept getting a Error 1907 with registering fonts. I'm playing around with compressing a VM with this image its curious what can be achieved with it.

Alternate Links for Download

Manohar | 01/09/2014

Hi Bro, nice work. Keep it up.

One small suggestion, pls upload it to a better download host as is dead slow. Either Torrent or another resume supported sites like mediafire or firedrive etc.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Alternate Links for Download

lite8 | 04/09/2014

hey Manohar
i tried to remote upload to mediafire and firedrive without luck
its keeps getting me errors

i talked with firedrive asked them to let remote uplaod from my source but they dont wanna support it :(

if u have another good host to advise pls


Rateut | 25/06/2014

how to activate windows ?

Re: Activation

lite8 | 26/06/2014

hey Rateut
check FAQ pls

Opening image

LigerZer0 | 22/06/2014

is this normal? when i open a photo or picture.. it will close.. it says bla bla has stopped working.. and then close program.. same when Adobe photoshop

Re: Opening image

lite8 | 22/06/2014

Nope its not
Mb cos a another photo viewer ?

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