12/03/2014 13:01

Microsoft Windows 8.1 x86 U1-LiTE8 2014.Mid.March

ISO: 850MB

HDD: 4.3GB



windows store included

dotNET 3.5 Enabled

Topic: Microsoft.Windows.8.1.x86.U1-LiTE8-2014.Mid.March

bootable usb

LigerZer0 | 03/11/2014

what program should i use to make usb bootable? keep saying error when i use wintoflash. any help guys? please

Error in profile

Frank | 02/10/2014

Tested in 3 pcs. First boot uses admin temporary profile. You must delete profile and create new.

X86 Tablet version

dadme | 03/06/2014

Can you make a tablet x86 lite version? are a lot of convertible on market today with small storage space, like Asus transformer book t100. It will be very usefull. Thanks in advance!

lite 8

MinhMinh | 27/04/2014

can you upload to another host. i cant download fast and full on MEGA

Touch Keyboard

Glen | 17/04/2014

Thanks for all your works, it's very helpful.
However, I'm using this on my Acer tablet and there's no touch keyboard active. How to fix that?

Re: Touch Keyboard

lite8 | 18/04/2014

hey get the tablet versio

Re: Re: Touch Keyboard

dadme | 03/06/2014

this one have tblet components removed?

what is the meaning of "U1"

kevin | 13/03/2014

Thanks for your work. Can you tell me the meaning of "U1"

can you make a "desktop" version?

Kevin | 13/03/2014

By the way ,can you make a "desktop" lite version? Thank you !

Re: can you make a "desktop" version?

lite8 | 13/03/2014

hey kevin
U1 is update 1 the last update for windows 8.1

its almost the same as "desktop"
just have windows store

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