Microsoft Windows 8.1 x64 Desktop-LiTE8 2014

31/12/2013 20:46

 Microsoft Windows 8.1 x64 Desktop-LiTE8 2014

ISO: 1.54 GB

HDD: 6.6GB


Windows Search - Working

.Net 3.5  uninstalled due Winreducer :(, just reinstall it

Updates - till today 1.1.2014

Lite'in Process:


Script removing

CleanUp-Image applied

WinReducer - only few tweaks




Topic: Microsoft Windows 8.1 x64 Desktop-LiTE8 2014

win8.1 pro wmc lite

coldz | 14/02/2014

would be great if you can make.thanks

.NET removed. Sigh...

Yen-Ping | 06/01/2014

What a pity!

Re: .NET removed. Sigh...

reinstall it :-D | 06/01/2014


Windows Store

Abaid | 05/01/2014

Thank you dear. Such great work you are doing.
Why do you remove win store? only reason I was using windows 8 was win store. How can I get back win store after installing your windows?

Re: Windows Store

test | 05/01/2014

Hey Abaid thx for ur support

Im sorry for this but we have vote for that ,ppl doesnt like metro at all

also metro apps running at the background use resources for nothing for most of desktop users thinks metro is not ready for desktop

about recovering it, might placing back the files can help Im not sure

you can just recover the metro app you use to windowsapps dir in programfiles if u still got backup of ur old os its should do it

product key

acorange | 04/01/2014

where is installation product key?

Re: product key

test | 04/01/2014

in the iso

Re: product key

Name: Name is empty. | 04/01/2014

u can access it shift + f10
console will open
u will see the file copy the key and paste in the installation

Re: product key

Abaid | 05/01/2014

When you burn iso on dvd or usb there is the text file with key. Below is the key


test | 04/01/2014

yes you're right sorry i guess
cleanup-image did this

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