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Topic: Microsoft.Windows.7.Ultimate.SP1.x86.Global-LiTE8

Win811Pro x86 and x64

phox | 06/10/2014

Its time to make new versions of Win811Pro x86 and x64!!!

Re: Win811Pro x86 and x64

lite8 | 06/10/2014

yes :)
i suggest to wait for next release due big updates wont installed

Re: Re: Win811Pro x86 and x64 + Win71Ult x86 and x64

phox | 06/10/2014

The best solution will be 2 new packages:
1. with Win811Pro x86/x64 and
2. Win71UltSP1IE11 x86/x64
updated up to after October patching.

wrong title

zell | 23/09/2014

this should be windows 8 32 bit.......why the title itself is windows 7

Re: wrong title

zell | 23/09/2014

oh sorry man. It's windows 7 ultimate. The installation logo is similar to the windows 8 one.


murrayd | 18/09/2014

When creating x64, please consider making a 2-in-1 installer

Re: 2-in-1

lite8 | 18/09/2014

I was thinking about it
with updates its will be too big
hopefully no but lets see


nate | 07/09/2014

Thanks for new share. Are u going to make a 64bit version?

Re: x64

lite8 | 08/09/2014

I should be free at end of week

Re: x64

murrayd | 26/11/2014

x86 Liite is superb, and I'm using it on small PC, but

Any news on the x64 version?

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