Microsoft.Windows.7.Ultimate.SP1.x64-LiTE8 - 2014.July

13/07/2014 10:35

Microsoft.Windows.7.Ultimate.SP1.x64-LiTE8 - 2014.July


Microsoft Windows.7 SP1 Ultimate x64-LiTE8 - 2014.July + IE11 + Security Updates


en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677332.iso [SHA-1 Checkd]

Size ISO: 1GB

Size HDD: 6.4GB



Topic: Microsoft.Windows.7.SP1.x64-LiTE8 - 2014.July

Kevin | 14/12/2014

when I setup this OS, this message came out "The file ' autorun.dll ' could not be loaded or is corrupt. Setup cannot continue. Error code is [0x7E]
Can you tell me what can i do?

I can't open this image

Bomfunk | 19/08/2014

See screenshot:

Re: I can't open this image

lite8 | 19/08/2014

right click on it then choose open


Fix | 17/07/2014

Can you please remake this Windows add the brightness into the os when I installed it the brightness didn't work for me thanks....

Re: Remake

lite8 | 17/07/2014

did u install driver for ur gfx ? and try change brightness from there ? and it didnt work ?

Re: Re: Remake

Animeware | 18/07/2014

Yes I've installed the drivers for my Graphics Card still didn't work so sorry Lite8.....

Re: Re: Re: Remake

lite8 | 20/07/2014

can u see if there any error when chaning the brightness at event logger


Ahmed | 14/07/2014

where is x86 ???

Re: x86

lite8 | 14/07/2014

Re: Re: x86

Ahmed | 15/07/2014

what about july one like x64

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