19/04/2014 20:47

Basic Info:

Name: Microsoft.Windows.7.8.1.X864.AIO-LiTE8

Full name: Microsoft.Windows.7 SP1 with updates 32bit/64bit + Windows 8.1 with Update 1 32bit/64bit  ALL in One-LiTE8

ISO size : 2.3GB

HDD size : ~4GB to 32bit / ~7giga for 64bit

link: Mega/Rapidragtor/SockShare



pkey for installtion : no need

activation: use kmspico

Details for image :install.esd

Index : 1
Name : Microsoft.Windows.8.1.x64.U1-LiTE8-2014.Mid.March
Description : Microsoft.Windows.8.1.x64.U1-LiTE8-2014.Mid.March
Size : 7,588,145,327 bytes

Index : 2
Name : Microsoft.Windows.8.1.x86.U1-LiTE8-2014.Mid.March
Description : Microsoft.Windows.8.1.x86.U1-LiTE8-2014.Mid.March
Size : 4,625,243,249 bytes

Index : 3
Name : Microsoft.Windows.7.SP1.x64-LiTE8 - 2014.3
Description : Microsoft.Windows.7.SP1.x64-LiTE8 - 2014.3
Size : 7,248,139,285 bytes

Index : 4
Name : Microsoft.Windows.7.SP1.x86-LiTE8 - 2014.3
Description : Microsoft.Windows.7.SP1.x86-LiTE8 - 2014.3
Size : 4,259,984,011 bytes

Topic: Microsoft.Windows.7.8.1.X864.AIO-LiTE8

New version?

Addy | 06/03/2015

Will you make an updated version in the near future?
Many thanks.


Daniel | 15/06/2014

Do these releases win7 and win8 contain Windows Media Center?


lite8 | 17/06/2014

No wmc in this ver the new one will

reuploaded to rapidgator

lite8 | 18/05/2014


One such system do

twocold08 | 08/05/2014

Re: One such system do

lite8 | 10/05/2014

What ?

Re: One such system do

lite8 | 16/05/2014

if u asking if its have this lang
so the answer is no

i removed the fonts from it but u can recover it and then be able to write and read

Definetly going to try this out!

Adrian | 24/04/2014

You are doing a good job here, I can see that you are a passionate.
It's too bad you have a lack of activity here; more people should know about you.
I am definetly gonna try your latest buid.
Appreciate the effort, keep up the good work!

Re: Definetly going to try this out!

lite8 | 24/04/2014

hey thx for notify it
about the activity yeah i agree ,there less activity because google removes urls from search due dmca requests

im trying thinking about ideas how to get more ppls here
its hard need seedbox to torrent

thx again for the support

Alternate Links

Abaid | 22/04/2014

Any alternate links available as MEGA.CO does not support IDM

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