Microsoft.Windows.10.XPedition.x86-LiteOS - 2017

19/12/2016 21:58

Microsoft.Windows.10.XPedition.x86-LiteOS - 2017

XPedition is base on Windows XP consept

From Windows 7 Microsoft decide to make OS with a lot of new features

some of them are not needed, some of them are need but are hogging the PC when u got low end PC or just using it for media Center PC


Starting with Win7 xp edition was pretty easy, I used Windows Standard 7

now with Win10 its much more complex cos i need to make all from full os and make it smaller and much more responsive


So gonna make it slowly, this version will be a bit tweaks with more features removed then normal

but not needed that much

work on it for weeks, and had few breakthroughs :) , hope u enjoy it and please feedback to make it better

the next version will be impact from ur feedbacks


Wifi Fix - Run this command from cmd.exe with admin

sc config Wcmsvc start=auto

Then restart


Source: en windows 10 enterprise 2016 ltsb x86 dvd 9060010.iso

Lite Syetem Version: 4v Beta, XPedition




size: 850mb / 4.5GB


Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.XPedition.x86-LiteOS - 2017

Link down

squeueue | 13/02/2017

The download link doesn't work, could you update it?

keyboard touch

José | 17/01/2017

Thanks for the work done, I installed it on a tablet and I want to add the keyboard again, some idea how to do it

Re: keyboard touch

LiteOS | 28/01/2017

XPedition is not meant to Tablet
feature is missing maybe in the future will add package to add features back to people with differnt PC sets


a | 11/01/2017

Microsoft.Windows.10.XPedition.x86-LiteOS - 2017 does not work on old laptop. it says: status: 0xc0000260. This operating system uses the Physical Address Extension feature to support systems with more than 4 GB of RAM. You'll need to use a PC with a compatible processor to run the operating system.


a | 11/01/2017

Windows.7.Ultimate.N.x86-LiteOS 10-Jun-2016 doesn't work on old laptop, it says the same thing. I don't know what you are doing wrong but other OS like these work fine in my old laptop:
Windows.7.SuperLite khatmau_sr.iso


Jitendra | 27/12/2016

Cant extract those 7 zip files even after renaming.please help.

Re: Help

LiteOS | 27/12/2016

Try newer version of 7zip

Re: Re: Help

Jitendra | 27/12/2016

Please can you give each and every step how to do it from downloading the files to installing the os.
Ty for your help.

Re: Re: Re: Help

LiteOS | 27/12/2016

search in google
how to download from mega
how to open 7zip files
how to use Rufus
how to boot from usb drive / disk on key
mostly understanding the basics will take to the goal


Jitendra | 26/12/2016

How to install this a noob to all these things. There are 5 i downloaded from mega now what to do with these files?

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