Microsoft.Windows.10.XPedition.x64-LiteOS - 2017

31/12/2016 18:04

Microsoft.Windows.10.XPedition.x64-LiteOS - 2017


DotNet3.5 wont install


XPedition is base on Windows XP consept

From Windows 7 Microsoft decide to make OS with a lot of new features

some of them are not needed, some of them are need but are hogging the PC when u got low end PC or just using it for media Center PC


Starting with Win7 xp edition was pretty easy, I used Windows Standard 7

now with Win10 its much more complex cos i need to make all from full os and make it smaller and much more responsive


So gonna make it slowly, this version will be a bit tweaks with more features removed then normal

but not needed that much

work on it for weeks, and had few breakthroughs :) , hope u enjoy it and please feedback to make it better

the next version will be impact from ur feedbacks



Lite Syetem Version: 4v RC, XPedition R1





1.2GB / 7.5GB


Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.XPedition.x64-LiteOS - 2017

Force install Net 3.5

So | 28/02/2017

Hi, thanks for the job, just one question, is there a way to force install .Net 3.5 or not ?
Or by passing with Nlite ?

Re: Force install Net 3.5

LiteOS | 01/03/2017

download the fixed version


paulo | 12/02/2017

theres not have install netframework in the ntlite?

How to

Trung | 09/01/2017

How to enable NetFX3.5

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Arthur | 03/01/2017

Runtime Error!
Program: C:/Windows/System32/SystemSettingsBroker.exe

This aplication has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unsual way.

Re: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

LiteOS | 03/01/2017

Hey when it happen

Re: Re: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Arthur | 03/01/2017

When connecting to wi-fi

windows 10 lite

briant14 | 02/01/2017

thank you:)


slyfry | 02/01/2017

what is best way to activate this version?

Re: activation

LiteOS | 02/01/2017


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