Microsoft.Windows.10.XPedition.x64-LiteOS - 2017 Fixed Global [SVF]

27/02/2017 19:49

Download SVF

upload shortcut to network connections for now

till the fix for network and sharing center

u need smartversion app and en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x64_dvd_9059483 ISO

to extract this ISO

more info:


NetFx3.5 fixed

Printers should be working now

WIFI bug wasnt found

Lite System version v4 RTM [ gonna be N version ]



  Value sFields sValue
ReportID 1    
ProjectName Windows 10 XP1 Fixed    
Removing Packages Desktop-Global-NonTablet Version v4 RTM
Updates no    
Remove files manually Yes Version v1
Tweaks Services    
Activation with kmspico    
Bugs Cant restore Wifi bug, All rest of bugs fixed    
SVF Source:
Size 55MB - SVF
2.2GB - ISO
Build RS1 Version 14393
Metro No N Version Yes, no IE or WMP
Edition Enterprise LTSB Version 2016
Architecture 64bit    


Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.XPedition.x64-LiteOS - 2017 Fixed


a | 13/04/2017

please put iso like you used to, i don't want to download 4-9 gb, i liked your website because i could download a whole iso os for about 700mb instead of 4gb each, so please put iso in mega like you used to. Thank you.


LiteOS | 14/04/2017

Its better just SVF
cos latter gonna make same changes improvement and updates

ISO is too much work and uploading
its reduce the work time by much for more research and work on another windows

just compressing is around 40mins and uploading 1-2 giga is hour or 2

Im thinking about system to make it smaller like upload small install.esd and from it making patch each time but need time to research

Im gonna improve the system to make easier wait a bit


Z | 03/03/2017

Can't install nvidia drivers

Re: Nvidia

LitEOS | 03/03/2017

What is the error

Re: Re: Nvidia

Z | 05/03/2017

Code 28.

Network & Sharing Center

So | 02/03/2017

When I open the network & sharing center, it says cant load :

Re: Network & Sharing Center

So | 02/03/2017

Can you solve this please ? I have also test on VM the same problem

Re: Re: Network & Sharing Center

LiteOS | 02/03/2017

till the fix is ready
u can search for connections
and then go to network connections

Re: Re: Re: Network & Sharing Center

So | 02/03/2017

When i do that it crashed :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Network & Sharing Center

LiteOS | 02/03/2017

try with the shortcut i added to to download link

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