16/11/2014 18:13



Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise Orignal ISO

mostly the same but this one should work with other metro apps like skype metro....

1.1GB / 6.7GB


Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.x64.Beta.9879-LiTE8

cant install net3.5

lite8 | 21/11/2014

sry wait for next bulid


hicks | 19/11/2014

does this have a problem of drive locking or the recovery tools not working?

Re: question

lite8 | 19/11/2014

pls give me picture of the problem i dont understand

Re: question

lite8 | 19/11/2014

if u mean recovery mode yes i removed it from this version

Re: Re: question

hicks | 20/11/2014

u shpuld include that. sometiems windows multi boot with other oses installed on ssd tends to become nonbootable due to some reasons

Re: Re: Re: question

lite8 | 20/11/2014

use easybcd to add boot.wim from ISO\Sources

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