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use the network shortcut (included in download link) to enter connection to setup ur conenction if needed



  Value sFields sValue
ReportID 1    
ProjectName Windows 10 RS2    
Removing Packages Desktop-NonTablet
Version v4 RTM
Updates no    
Remove files manually Yes Version v1
Tweaks Services    
Activation with kmspico    
SVF Source:Windows10_InsiderPreview_EnterpriseVL_x64_en-us_15063    
Size 60MB - SVF
2.1GB - ISO
8.3GB -ONDIsk
Build RS2 Version 15063
Metro No N Version Yes, no IE WMP Edge
Edition Enterprise VL Version 1703
Architecture 64Bit    
Tamed, Telemetry Beta Version 0.9


Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.RS2.x64-LiteOS

Edge, IE and Flash

Monoga | 04/05/2017

Hi LiteOS,

Would you please consider including Edge, Internet Explorer and Flash?

Edge and Flash cannot be added manually after installation. I seriously need them for work, so I cannot use your lite'd OS. It is not good to remove core components that cannot be re-added by the user.

Re: Edge, IE and Flash

LiteOS | 04/05/2017

Use this method to restore removed package

u might restore the file manually and it might work

Edge is beta web browser ihmo
IE is old, no new features support
Flash is quiet Hassle

If there more people who need it i could

Re: Re: Edge, IE and Flash

Narwhal | 17/05/2017

I need Flash too! It is no possible to install!!


a | 22/04/2017

Please do iso like you used to...I don't want to download 4 gb for orig iso.

RS2 x64 Pro edition

Bobby315 | 16/04/2017

hey LiteOS, RS2 x64 Pro edition please.


a | 14/04/2017

especially since it's hard to find your source, at first it said: ..... then they removed is RS2 no longer final? now it says preview but now it has different SHA and size:
File upload: 03/19/2017 04:10:50 GMT
File size: 4051.2 MB (4247986176 bytes)
SHA1: 77d5e7c91b5dbbee410fb6c57cb944238bf7176a

LiteOS edit:

download it from here:
its generate direct link from MS
ISO are final not matter if u download preview or from final
same md5 just need to rename it

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