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Win10_1703_English_x64 Pro - LiteOS.iso




  Value sFields sValue
ReportID 1    
ProjectName Windows 10 RS2    
Removing Packages Desktop-NonTablet
Version v4 RTM
Updates Yes, (KB4016240) Version    250 - 25.4.2017
Remove files manually Yes Version v1
Tweaks Services    
Activation with legit key or rearm[trail] or crack ?    
SVF Source:Windows10_InsiderPreview_EnterpriseVL_x64_en-us_15063    
Size 260MB - SVF
2.1GB - ISO
8.3GB -ONDIsk
Build RS2 Version 15063.250
Metro No N-Version True, no IE WMP Edge
Edition Pro Retail Version 1703.250
Architecture 64Bit    
Tamed, Telemetry Beta Version 0.91


Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.RS2.Pro.x64-LiteOS

iso files

samer | 20/06/2017

i cant extract files bro please upload iso files

Re: iso files

LiteOS | 21/06/2017

what is the problem ?

Flash Player

MBT | 11/05/2017

how to install flash player activex for IE ?

Re: Flash Player

LiteOS | 11/05/2017

use sxsexpend script to make package of flash player from untouched OS
and install it back to system with dism add package

this might be useful

Re: Re: Flash Player

Help | 12/05/2017
This OS not see x86, only see amd64

Re: Re: Re: Flash Player

LiteOS | 12/05/2017

the global version will be with flash and IE edge

Go to svf help page

LiteOS | 06/05/2017

Go to svf help page

where the link

ahmad2006771 | 06/05/2017

where the link
or when you upload the iso file

Old school

Kenshin1870 | 05/05/2017

Don't understand this new download method, can you upload the OS like you used to do?

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