Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64bit Global - LiteOS 2016

21/08/2016 20:29

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64bit Global - LiteOS 2016




1.7GB / 8.5GB


DotNet3.5(sxs folder), Upgrade files included in the Disc

Metro:Store, Edge, Cortana and few small apps, else is removed

Global, TabletPC (ink ocr Removed)


IE,WMP,Defender,Speech Removed




Topic: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64bit Global - LiteOS 2016

Android studio

Jitendra | 08/03/2017

Anyone using Android studio in this os? Is it working fine or not?
Plzz help.

Internet Exploader Yop

Arrgzzz | 06/12/2016

I just need it to so I can get a gpt partition in order to install virtualbox to build an Arch distro that will replace this bloody 10 cancer so I can game within Windows 7 under KVM. Unfortunately I need to install cancer in order to fix the problem that's the irony. Yes there's easier ways to make a gpt, but the fact is M$ partitions are a bitch.

Re: Internet Exploader Yop

LiteOS | 06/12/2016

Hey, use diskpart from Installation ISO
open with shift + F10

Edge instability

Monoga | 19/10/2016

Hi LiteOS,

There is a serious issue with Microsoft Edge browser (tried it in Virtualbox - where Win10 Core works perfectly).

You launch the browser, try to enter something in the search field and browser crashes (quits abruptly). See video:

Re: Edge instability

LiteOS | 19/10/2016

might be the cortana related issue
try change homepage to google

Re: Re: Edge instability

Monoga | 20/10/2016

In Settings Bing is the only search engine and I can't visit Google (needs typing -> crash). It is not possible to change the search provider via registry either.

I have disabled Cortana in Group Policy and Search suggestions in Edge Settings, but browser still crashes - I'm stuck.

Re: Re: Re: Edge instability

Addy | 26/10/2016

You have to acces first google, then you can choose it as a default search engine. I did that by setting the home page to google. However, the issue still remains, when i type something in the adress bar, the browser crashes instantly.


andres | 16/10/2016

for some reason liteOS do not find one of my raid disk any advice

Re: aaa

LiteOS | 18/10/2016

what u see in disk manager

Failed to install updates

Ahmed | 14/10/2016

- I cant install updates
- Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3194798)

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