Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 32bit Global - LiteOS 2016

19/08/2016 17:29

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 32bit Global - LiteOS 2016




1.3GB / 5.5GB


DotNet3.5(sxs folder), Upgrade files included in the Disc

Metro:Store, Edge, Cortana and few small apps, else is removed

Global, TabletPC (ink ocr Removed)


IE,WMP,Defender,Speech Removed




Topic: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 32bit Global - LiteOS 2016


Jitendra | 29/12/2016

I cant find Qualcomm hs usb 9006 driver .can you please tell how can i install that.

windows store force closes

jitendra | 27/12/2016

guyz i need help,as soon as i click on download option of any app in windows store windows store fore closes.please help

Re: windows store force closes

LiteOS | 28/12/2016

go to downloads folder and right click on the file open with
then choose 7zip

Just a Q

guest99 | 09/12/2016

I just have a question to ask.
Isn't LTSB a better choice to make a liteOS out of?

Re: Just a Q

LiteOS | 10/12/2016

yea if u have legit key use this version if not use the LTSB version

windows photos

Santosh | 31/10/2016

I really like this edition... without useless microshit apps...runs smooth on even 2gb RAM.... only thing i need windows photos app.
How can I get windows photos ?

Re: windows photos

LiteOS | 14/11/2016

look for
Activate Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10 reg
with open with choose it


Håkon Sarak | 19/10/2016

I am trying to use this on a Lenovo miix 300 tablet/laptop
I have a few issues, even though I have installed all drivers from Lenovo website.
1: Front and back camera does not work (Intel(R) AVStream Camera)
2: Accelerator sensor does not work, the screen will not flip automaticcaly when tilting the computer (Kionix KXTJ9 3-axis accelerometer SPB) and (Kionix Sensor Fusion Device)
I have tried to reinstall the original drivers, and tried some other solutions suggested on the internet.
3: I really miss App Store because i use a tablet, and would like to be able to use Facebook, Messenger and Netflix apps

Re: Problems

Håkon Sarak | 19/10/2016

According to Device Manager there are no missing drivers

Re: Problems

LiteOS | 20/10/2016

thx Sarak for ur feedback
someone else did had same problem i will lookin to it

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