Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x86-LiteOS - 2016

12/08/2016 12:38

Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x86-LiteOS - 2016

Target: non-tablet / non-Global(?)

N - stand for no metro apps, for more info check msdn website

This version doesnt include Windows Media Player / Internet Explorer



0.9GB / 4.2GB




Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x86-LiteOS - 2016


Addy | 13/08/2016

Hi, thanks for the release, but i can't seem to activate it. I've tried Reloader, Kmspico, Kmsautolite... Any sugestions?

Re: Activation

LiteOS | 13/08/2016

WZorNET got the newest kms activator in his twitter try it

Re: Re: Activation

Me | 19/08/2016

He Lite8 Please Lited version of These with all available updates and service packs (7 Ultimate or Enterprise x64 - Windows 10 RS2 or RS1 Pro or Enterprise x64)


Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x86-LiteOS - 2016

Rudi1 | 12/08/2016

Thank you for your work!I waited for x86 version too!


fluffy | 12/08/2016

this is what I waited for :) Thank you lite8

Thank you so much!

MassZERO | 12/08/2016

Gonna try this now and I'll be waiting for the Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x64-LiteOS :)

Thanks so much bro....

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