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Target: non-tablet / non-Global(?)

N - stand for no metro apps, for more info check msdn website



cortana working

850MB / 4.4GB



Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x86-LiTE8

adobe flash not install

bbbsss | 21/10/2015


Re: adobe flash not install

lite8 | 22/10/2015

Already answered pls check in 64bit topic


Holly | 20/10/2015

When I try to install, it says "the file autorun.dll could not be loaded 0x7e".. please help

Re: autorun

lite8 | 22/10/2015

use rufus to make usb bootable drive


lite8fan | 11/09/2015

How do you remove location? It's constantly on I cannot seem to disable it. Also how do you install this to no PAE? I have Intel Pentium M

Re: Location

lite8 | 11/09/2015

Remove the geolocation package
With win tweak tool
Seach in msfn or mdl forums for more info

About pxe duno if there around that
If u are IT try deploy it and see

windows 10

Andre | 03/09/2015

My files have no extensions, please help!

Re: windows 10

lite8 | 03/09/2015

Pls more info

Re: Re: windows 10

Andre | 08/09/2015

Okay I didn't have 7zip installed. It's fine now. Thank you for the awesome work!


Debjoy | 27/08/2015

Thanks, can kmspico (latest version) activate it?

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