Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x64-LiteOS - 2016

10/08/2016 19:29

Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x64-LiteOS - 2016

Target: non-tablet / non-Global(?)

N - stand for no metro apps, for more info check msdn website

This version doesnt include Windows Media Player / Internet Explorer


14393.0.160715-1616.RS1_RELEASE_CLIENTENTERPRISE_S_OEM_X64FRE_EN-US / Wzor leakage

1.3GB / 7.5GB






Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x64-LiteOS - 2016


Liam | 29/11/2016

Is there any chance for a version that includes WMP & IE? Don't have enough technical knowledge to add IE by myself, also can't install WMP (don't know why, maybe is it just me). In previous version IE was build and I was able to install WMP from .msu package.

is this the lightest ?

Matt | 27/09/2016

I'd like the lightest version w10, Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x64-LiteOS - 2016 is the best for my needs?
i need to use it only for music producing, the more CPU , RAM and DISK available the better is. can you advise?

Re: is this the lightest ?

LiteOS | 07/10/2016

Yea but server is bit better fmo

No Store & Metro apps

Abaid | 14/08/2016

No store and no metro apps???? Any idea to add store and metro apps?

Re: No Store & Metro apps

LiteOS | 15/08/2016

Ltsb doesnt came with it
Ms changed thier policy

Request for LITE version of Leaked WINDOWS 10 ENTERPRISE 2016 LTSB

MassZERO | 12/08/2016

I want to request a lite version of Leaked WINDOWS 10 ENTERPRISE 2016 LTSB bro like remove all specially that windows defender and cortana running in background process...

Can you help me how to remove them bro I'm running LTSB now...

Re: Request for LITE version of Leaked WINDOWS 10 ENTERPRISE 2016 LTSB

LiteOS | 12/08/2016

try this
and there video in yt to guide

Pro edition please

Frank | 11/08/2016

Please build pro lite version for legal users. ;)

Re: Pro edition please

LiteOS | 13/08/2016

Heyu want pro n ? Or u want with metro apps?

Re: Re: Pro edition please

Fr | 15/08/2016

Only pro. Don´t need to dirt activate it. I have free w10 license from w7/w8 upgrade offer.

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