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Target: non-tablet / non-Global(?)

N - stand for no metro apps, for more info check msdn website



cortana working

1.2GB / 7GB



Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.N.x64-LiTE8

is secure to delete folder???

Bhaka | 21/10/2015

hm....i found 2 alien folder in drive C.....what is dat folder??? and is it secure if i remove it

Re: is secure to delete folder???

lite8 | 24/10/2015

yes u can

Windows Defender

Bhaka | 20/10/2015

i,ve already install it but how to reinstall windows defender....coz i want it back coz i annoyed with the notif "turn on windows defender"

Re: Windows Defender

lite8 | 20/10/2015

Go to action center and turn off the msg

Re: Re: Windows Defender

Bhaka | 20/10/2015

tks it worked

Adobe Flash Player and Adadvertisement Box

Hoon | 13/10/2015


This is my second question about Adobe Flash Player and please refer to my 1st. question dated on 29/09/2015 with title of "YouTube Failure".

As I said there, YouTube works well after installing Adobe Flash Player, but other phenomenon which didn't occur before installing that begins to occur.

When I move from one web site to other, sometimes very small Adadvertisement Box appears on the top-left of blank screen of IE
in a moment. It would be 0.5 or 1 second or less than...and dissappears completely and the web site which I wanted to move can be displayed.

I hope to solve this and expect kind advice too.


Re: Adobe Flash Player and Adadvertisement Box

Hoon | 13/10/2015

In the above,

"When I open new web site from..." can be more accurate expression than "When I move from..."

Re: Adobe Flash Player and Adadvertisement Box

Hoon | 14/10/2015

Adadvertisement Box seems Flash Ad. Box

Re: Adobe Flash Player and Adadvertisement Box

lite8 | 15/10/2015

Might be a virus run av scan

.net 3.5

frank | 11/10/2015

can´t install net framework 3.5 Any help?

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