Microsoft.Windows.10.Core.x86-LiTE8 2016 + Final Fix

17/11/2015 12:03

Microsoft Windows 10.Core x86-LiTE8 2016



Windows 10 Enterprise VOL TH2 Bulid 10586


copy the file  lfsvc.dll mega to windows\system32 folder

900MB / 4.3GB

Minmal-Metro: few small metros apps and windows store, edge

Non-tablet,non-Global,no Cortana

For: Low-Mid End, Desktop-PC



Topic: Microsoft.Windows.10.Core.x86-LiTE8 2016

Bad Os

Yahia Mno | 13/07/2016

no update -_- no windows store

copy to drive C access is denied

Sammy | 16/03/2016

any idea about this?
thank u.

Re: copy to drive C access is denied

LiteOS | 21/03/2016

Shouldnt be related
Dont have a clue what causing it

Keyboard and windows store

MArk | 21/02/2016

Hi is there any ways how can I reinstall windwos store and the on screen keyboard on the taskbar ?

on screen keyboard on the task bar doesn't work and I also need the windows store., Thank you so miuch sir

windows lite is so "lite" haha waiting for the fix

Re: Keyboard and windows store

LiteOS | 24/02/2016

Hey Pls try the global version

window search

erf | 15/12/2015

window search is disable in this build ? i cant click on search bar

Re: window search

lite8 | 15/12/2015

nope its should work

Re: Re: window search

lite8 | 15/12/2015

mb u mean cortana ? cortana removed [ application search ]
u searching for a file or application in start menu ?

Re: Re: Re: window search

wjre | 20/12/2015

hi. guess i'm having the same issue: cannot search the apps by name from the start menu. this is a really convenient feature, as it lets you find and launch apps quickly when you have thousands of them.

Re: Re: Re: Re: window search

Lite8 | 20/12/2015

Use Classic shell

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