Microsoft Windows 10.Core x64-LiTE8 2016 + Final Fix

20/11/2015 01:03

Microsoft Windows 10.Core x64-LiTE8 2016

TO FIX WiFi/Internet - run this in cmd with admin



copy the file  lfsvc.dll mega to windows\system32 folder

powershell restart-service dhcp -force




Windows 10 Enterprise VOL TH2 Bulid 10586

1.2GB / 7.4GB

Minmal-Metro: few small metros apps and windows store, edge

Non-tablet,non-Global,no Cortana

For: Desktop-PC, Gamers(?)



Topic: Microsoft Windows 10.Core x64-LiTE8 2016

Search in Start Menu

Addy | 25/04/2016

I can confirm that search apps in Start Menu does not work, when you press the Win key an start to type on the keyboard, nothing happens.
Any new release anytime soon?

Re: Search in Start Menu

LiteOS | 30/04/2016

Hey core version doesn't include cortana
Use classic menu or other version


omer | 17/04/2016

How to install?

Re: ???

LiteOS | 20/04/2016

Burn or flash to usb drive

windows store 0x800704c6

jhay | 20/03/2016

cant download any apps from windows store it always says check your connection 0x800704c6

Re: windows store 0x800704c6

LiteOS | 21/03/2016

Hey plz try global version

Re: Re: windows store 0x800704c6

jhay | 26/03/2016

where is the global version?

I dont like this one :[

Murphy Zack | 05/02/2016

I like all your hard work but i do not like this one :[

Can you make Windows 10 build 11099 LiTE ?

I want it for my Old Lenovo Laptop

Cheers. :D

Re: I dont like this one :[

LiteOS | 05/02/2016

Why ? Bad feedback also good for better next releases

I will work soon on 11xxx build

add language pack

language-pack | 02/02/2016

how to add language pack (japan character) manually ?

i can't use

"Go to Settings > Time & language > Region & language.
Select Add a language."

it wont download

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