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Q: What is this ? Why should i install lite version of windows?

A: there a few reasons why to install lite'd version of windows

     u have small ssd, u looking for a boost a bit the perfomance in general/gaming

     lite version windows is slimmed version of windows using Win Toolkit [works like dism]

     which is very stable and never damage the windows and manully removing files or via bat file

     and prepar it with basic things like dotNet3.5 and secuity updates and ofc removing all the temp files

     created due this process

Q: Can i install another language Pack (lp) / Switch to other language then English

A: Yes u can via Windows Update or via adding keybaord lang [win8.1]

     Go to: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Language\ click on options 

     For Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese u will need also recovery fonts from orignal iso

Q: Cant download from the file host / its too slow / connections interruption

A: Ask to upload to somewhere else, pls be specific or use Jdownloader 2.0+

Q: How to Activate ?

A: Use kmspico search @ thepriatebay for windows 8/8.1

    or RemoveWat for win7

Q: Can i install windows with UEFI ?

A: Yes , part of AIO version 1, if u see its wouldnt work boot.wim is not 64bit

     get the orignal iso replace the install.wim with install.wim/esd file from lite8 iso u

     downloaded also copy ei.cfg / pid.txt with Ultraiso

Q: Why its logon automaticly to Administrator User ?

     Why there no screen User creation ?

A: I made this to save time login, its can be solve by sysperp the system

     this method will delete all user files so if already used windows for while its not recommanded,

     another method is to make it via PC settings > account > other account in Windows 8

Q: How to install ?

A: Burn to DVD Media / Use Rufus app to make usb drive bootable

or use those guides



Q: How to Open the files

A: Use 7zip to open, password is usely lite8.webnode.com

Topic: FAQ

x64 setup on win7 x86

chris | 28/06/2015

Can i run the setup of win7 lite x64 from the desktop of a win 7 32bit system ?

Re: x64 setup on win7 x86

lite8 | 30/06/2015

32bit can run 64bit [non-efi]

[Guide] Install Windows 8.x From ISO without Setup Files

lite8 | 28/08/2014

Default [Guide] Install Windows 8.x From ISO without Setup Files

Can be done to windows 7 also doesn't matter
If u have ISO without setup files and u don't wanna burn it to DVD or use USB or HDD to boot the setup
Just run setup.exe from the current OS
This will be helpful

Go to This PC click right mouse on the virtual DVD of ISO and click copy

Paste to C:\, right click mouse again on and choose paste

Go to sources dir choose to open boot.wim with 7zip

Like c:\<ISO dir>\sources\boot.wim\2\sources

Copy all the constants dirs and files to same dir boot.wim is

Run setup.exe from sources or the upper dir


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